18th Belgian Organic Synthesis Symposium

 Liège, Belgium    June 30-July 5, 2024

The BOSS-conference is a unique international symposium as it combines lectures delivered by established organic chemists as well as younger rising stars with two prestigious events: a lecture delivered by the recipient of the “Janssen Prize for Creativity in Organic Synthesis”, and the “Tetrahedron Chair”: a one-day course on a specific topic in organic synthesis.

The BOSS will cover a broad range of timely topics of modern organic synthesis, including asymmetric synthesis, chemical biology, electrosynthesis, medicinal chemistry, organocatalysis, organometallic chemistry and catalysis, photocatalysis, reaction mechanisms, reactive intermediates, supramolecular chemistry, sustainable chemistry, total synthesis… and many more!

The BOSS XVIII Symposium Programme will include:

  • a one-day course by the recipient of the 2024 Tetrahedron Chair
    • Prof. Sarah E. Reisman (California Institute of Technology, USA)
  • a lecture delivered by the recipient of the 2024 Janssen Prize for Creativity in Organic Synthesis
    • Prof. Melanie S. Sanford (University of Michigan, USA)
  • a series of 18 plenary lectures with ample time for discussion
  • poster sessions
  • an exhibition of scientific instruments, books and chemicals
  • social activities

The official symposium language is English.

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We look forward meeting you in Liège, Belgium

Symposium Chair:
Prof. Frank Glorius (University of Münster, Germany)

Organising Committee Chair:
Prof. Jean-Christophe Monbaliu (University of Liège, Belgium)